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I’m Back/Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone!

I apologize for being gone for so long. I left out of state for two weeks, and then started getting ready to leave the state again for another trip while working full time. I addition to that, I’ve been staying out where I’ve been working for pretty much the entire week, and I don’t have internet access out there. But I’m getting to work on making a blogging schedule and my work schedule is also slowing down a little bit, so *fingers crossed* I should be here more regularly from now on.

Now, I’ve been promising a giveaway for a long time now because I hit 20 subscribers (by the way, now we’re at 30!!!), but until now I hadn’t been able to find the time to get everything for it. But I FINALLY managed to get everything together!

The theme of this giveaway is getting to know a little bit more about me! Here’s what I’m going to give to the lucky winner:

I’m giving away this notepad – and the reason I chose this one is because, as many of you know, I love to write poetry and songs! And when I started writing, I always used a yellow spiral bound notebook like this one. Whenever I filled one, I started a new one!

I’m also giving away my favorite candy, Trolli’s gummy worms! I love sour candy, and these are ones that I can eat with my current diet restrictions (more on that in another post ;).

I couldn’t do a giveaway of things related to me without including some music! This is one of my favorite CD’s ever.

Included in this fun package is a pack of my favorite pens. When I worked as a paralegal, my boss asked me to run to the store for him. He wanted a very specific type of pen: Pilot G-2 07. He actually didn’t know that was the kind of pen he wanted, he just knew that the kind of pen he had was his favorite kind ever, and that’s what he wanted me to get. But I managed to locate the desired brand and model at the nearby office max, and when I brought them back he gave me two of them. And I’ve loved them ever since!

Aaaaand last but not least, I’ve gotten into painting lately. Whoever wins this giveaway will be getting an original painting from me! (By the way, if you all are interested in a post about my painting, let me know! If people are interested enough I’ll share about it sometime in the near future.)

Are y’all excited now? Here’s how to enter!!!

  1. Leave a comment! One restriction on this – do NOT comment as ‘anonymous’. You don’t have to comment with your real name. In fact, you can comment as ‘yellow walrus with green stripes’ if you want. But when I draw names I DON’T want to be dealing with 5 different anonymouses. In addition, if half of you comment as anonymous, and ‘anonymous’ wins the giveaway, when I post who won, everyone’s going to be expecting a package! If you comment as anonymous, I will NOT enter you into the giveaway. Commenting gets you two entries because I LOVE hearing from you all!!!
  2. Answer some questions! I’ll list some questions about myself for you to guess. If you guess 1-3 right, you get one entry. 4-6 is two, 7-9 is three, and 10-12 is a whopping four entries!
  3. Share about the giveaway! Get everyone else in on the fun! Post a link on your social media or blog and let me know, and I’ll give you an extra entry for every platform you share it on. Being as I don’t have any social media though, if you post there you’ll have to send me a screenshot through the contact form or send me a link to where you shared so that I can see.

Alright, here’s some questions about me! See how many you can get!!!

  1. What’s my favorite season?
  2. What’s my favorite meal?
  3. Introvert tendencies or extrovert tendencies?
  4. Fancy dressing or sweatpants?
  5. What’s my favorite music genre?
  6. Do I use acrylics, oil paints, or watercolors?
  7. Do I prefer performing, or do I shy away from the spotlight?
  8. Am I a pen person or pencil person?
  9. Ice cubes in my water or no?
  10. What’s one of my greatest pet peeves? (More than one answer!)
  11. Sweet or savory?
  12. How many states have I been to? (Not including layovers between flights)

When you comment, if you leave me a list of questions about you so I can join in on the guessing fun, I’ll see how many of them I can get right!

Giveaway closes in 2 weeks, so on November 7th. I’ll post the answers to the questions at the same time! Make sure you get in on the fun!!!


Published by musicalsquares

I'm an avid lover of Jesus, music, family, fashion, and the United States Constitution.

17 thoughts on “I’m Back/Giveaway!!!

  1. This looks so much fun, Grace! I don’t know if I can enter the giveaway, I’m not sure how I would get a package since I’m not exactly supposed to tell anyone whereabouts I’m residing at the moment! 😉 But I would love to answer your questions!

    Your favorite season is Spring.
    Your favorite meal is breakfast.
    You have introverted tendencies.
    Fancy dressing.
    Southern Gospel
    Shy away from spotlight.
    Pen person
    Yes to ice cubes!
    Umm, you hate when people don’t use proper grammar and/or punctuation.
    You don’t like when people pretend their listening, but actually aren’t.
    It really bothers you when people are non-stop talkers.
    17 States.

    That was a lot of fun! I’m not really that great at making assumptions, but oh well I had fun anyway!

    Now some Q’s about me!

    1. Psalms or Proverbs?
    2. Favorite Color?
    3. Favorite Dessert?
    4. Genre of books?
    5. T-shirt or blouse?

    Thanks for doing this! ❤ Glad to have you back!

    PS I would love to see a post on your paintings! They looked wonderful in that one picture. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No worries. If you have somewhere else I can mail it where you could pick it up instead, that would be fine! But if it doesn’t work for you to join in the giveaway that’s fine too.

      Yay! Thanks for sharing some questions about yourself! Let’s see if I can get anywhere close on this…

      1. Hmm… Proverbs?
      2. Blue? Second guess purple. XD
      3. Ummm… Ice cream?
      4. Historical fiction, biographies?
      5. Hmm… I’m gonna guess blouse.

      Thanks, glad you liked the paintings!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for answering my questions!

        1. I like Psalms
        2. Green ( I know it’s kind of an odd color for a girl to like, but what can I say, I am a little odd! 😂)
        3. Yes! I love ice cream!
        4. And yes again! I also love historical fiction and biographies!
        5. I actually like T-shirts better then blouses, I’m sort of a tomboy… 🙂

        In answer to the giveaway being picked up somewhere else, I could ask my Dad about that. I’ll let you know! Thanks! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back, Grace! It’s great to have you back. 😉

    This looks fun, btw!

    “What’s my favorite season?” • Spring?
    “What’s my favorite meal?” • Breakfast?
    “Introvert tendencies or extrovert tendencies?” • Maybe a little of both, but more introvert than extrovert.
    “Fancy dressing or sweatpants?” • Sweatpants is my guess!
    “What’s my favorite music genre?” • Southern Gospel?
    “Do I use acrylics, oil paints, or watercolors?” • Oil paints?
    “Do I prefer performing, or do I shy away from the spotlight?” • Um… methinks maybe you dislike attention. IDK
    “Am I a pen person or pencil person?” • Pencil!
    “Ice cubes in my water or no?” • No.
    “What’s one of my greatest pet peeves? (More than one answer!)” Do you push a button that’s already been
    pushed? (Or click/tap something that’s already been clicked/tapped?) Do you ask questions during a movie?
    “Sweet or savory?” • Sweet?
    “How many states have I been to? (Not including layovers between flights)” • Oof… I have about a 2% chance of
    getting this right, I think, but I’m going to guess… 19? 🙂

    OMGondor, those paintings are so amazing!! Would totally love to read a post about your paintings!

    Can I email this to my subscribers instead of posting about it? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, nuts! For some reason I thought the deadline was the 27th, so I thought, “I’ve got plenty of time”. Serves me right for waiting until (beyond) the last minute. *facepalm* XD


  3. Hey! I just subscribed and shared this post to quite a few friends. I know almost absolutely nothing about you except for what is on your about me page. So all my answers are guesses. lol :p

    What’s my favorite season? I’m going to go with fall…
    What’s my favorite meal? Lasagna
    Introvert tendencies or extrovert tendencies? Extrovert tendencies
    Fancy dressing or sweatpants? Fancy dress. (I really think I got that one!)
    What’s my favorite music genre? Classical
    Do I use acrylics, oil paints, or watercolors? Is this a trick question? lol I’m going to say watercolors.
    Do I prefer performing, or do I shy away from the spotlight? Prefer performing
    Am I a pen person or pencil person? Pen!
    Ice cubes in my water or no? Yes.
    What’s one of my greatest pet peeves? (More than one answer!) Don’t know… lol
    Sweet or savory? Ummmm…. sweet.
    How many states have I been to? (Not including layovers between flights) I’m gunna say 8… lol

    That was fun!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah this giveaway looks fun. I’ve checked up on your blog off and on, but since you like “Greater Vision”, I assume your favorite music genre is Southern Gospel. I can’t wait to see who wins!

    Liked by 1 person

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