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Our Father’s Grace

Our Father’s grace, My Father’s grace, My all-sufficient hiding place My shelter from the storms about, The safest place without a doubt. – Our Father’s grace, my Father’s grace, Inspiration while I run this race; Keeps me focused on the goal, Reminds me that He’s made me whole – Our Father’s grace, my Father’s graceContinue reading “Our Father’s Grace”

Value Your Siblings

Some of the most important long-term relationships in your life will be with your siblings. Cherish them. Spend time with them. Take time to tell your little brother a story, or play a game with your little sister. Be a good influence for them, a role model. Don’t be bossy. They don’t stay little forever,Continue reading “Value Your Siblings”

Q & A!

Hey everyone! I thought I’d do something fun this week and give you guys a chance to get to know me a little more! So… Ask me whatever you’d like to know About Yours Truly – me! And I will give you answers To the best of my ability. I reserve the right to chooseContinue reading “Q & A!”

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